Coaching Practice

Turn your summer house into your own coaching practice, a quiet environment in your garden where your clients can feel comfortable and relaxed. The use of wood contributes to a pleasant working environment with optimal acoustics, making it ideal for confidential conversations during sessions and consultations.

We have taken into account the layout of the room zo you can provide it with an entrance, a guest toilet if required and a seating area. See the floor plan below. Would you prefer a different layout? Configure your own coaching practice entirely according to your specific needs and size requirements with our 3D configurator.

Coaching Practice

How do I start as an independent coach?

Do you want to help others achieve their personal and professional goals? Are you considering starting your own home-based coaching practice? As an independent coach, you can focus on various areas depending on your interests, skills, and experience. Are you a life coach, career coach or maybe a health coach? 

An important aspect of a successful coaching practice is creating a quiet and secluded environment where your clients feel comfortable and open for conversation. Your summer house provides this privacy. Think carefully about the layout and needs of your coaching practice and furnish the space with comfortable chairs, sufficient storage space and possibly a guest toilet.

Check what permits and licences are required to operate a coaching practice from home in your region and ensure that you meet all legal requirements before you start. 

Is the practice ready-to-use? 

If you are looking for a garden house as a home-based coaching practice, there are ready-to-use garden houses that come with all the necessary amenities for your own coaching practice, making setting up your business faster and easier. 

They are typically designed to meet the needs of a practice with the right space for a comfortable seating area, a desk, and enough storage space for all your coaching materials. Everything you need to provide your clients with a positive and supportive experience. 

Our turnkey summer houses, specially designed as coaching practices, come with everything you need to get started as a coach right away. They are fully fitted with floor, wall, and roof insulation so you can work comfortably all year round.

We have provided the space with electrical connections for lighting and the use of electronic equipment. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our advisors!