Hair salon

Create your own hair salon in your summer house, close to home but away from your private living space for ultimate convenience and privacy. Benefit from a professional workspace, without additional rental costs.

Our garden houses for hair salon have a modern look and are equipped with floor, wall and roof insulation, an inner floor and windows for good ventilation and a healthy working environment.

Hair salon

What should an office meet if I want to start a home hair salon?  

A home office for a home hair salon should meet several requirements to ensure that you have a safe, comfortable and professional environment to serve clients. Lugarde produces summer houses specially tailored to start your own hair salon.

Here are some important recommendations:  

Permits and regulations: Check local laws and regulations to start a small home hair salon. You may need a licence or specific permission. 

Space: Make sure you have enough space to place your hair salon equipment, chairs and products. The space should be comfortable and functional for both you and the client.  

Lighting: Good lighting is essential for cutting and styling hair. Provide adequate natural light and artificial lighting that properly illuminates the space.  

Ventilation: When starting a home salon it is important to have good ventilation to reduce the smell of hair products and chemicals and provide fresh air flow.    

Sanitary facilities: Make sure you have access to sanitary facilities for both you and your clients. This could be in the form of a separate bathroom or a clear arrangement for client toilet use.  

Workstation: Invest in quality hairdressing chairs and workstations with enough storage space for your tools and products.  

Privacy: Provide sufficient privacy for your customers. Consider curtains or screens to separate the workspace from the rest of your home.  

Customer comfort: Make sure your customers can sit comfortably during their appointment. Consider seat cushions and amenities such as magazines or entertainment to make waiting time more pleasant.  

Storage: Make sure you have enough storage space for your hairdressing products, towels, and other supplies.  

Working conditions: Consider your own comfort and ergonomics while working. Invest in a comfortable chair and ensure good lighting and working heights.  

Fire safety: Make sure you comply with fire safety regulations and have fire extinguishers within easy reach.  

Customer reception: Consider a waiting area or a place where customers can wait before their turn.  

Furnishings and atmosphere: Create a pleasant atmosphere to match the look of your garden shed hair salon. This can range from decoration to music.  

Consider seeking professional advice from local authorities to ensure you meet all the requirements of starting a home hair salon. Do you need help from our experienced dealer network? Contact us today!