Turn your summer house into a massage studio, a place close to your home but separate from your private living space for privacy and relaxing environment. Our summer houses, specifically designed as massage studios, are fully insulated with floor, wall and roof insulation and have an internal floor so they provide a comfortable atmosphere all year round.

We have already considered the room layout for you and included a guest toilet, massage table and changing room, see the floor plan below. Would you prefer a different layout? Configure your massage studio entirely according to your needs and size requirements with our 3D configurator."


Home-based massage studio

Having a home-based massage studio offers therapists and wellness professionals the chance to share their passion for relaxation and physical well-being in the comfortable surroundings of their own home.

Setting up a well-equipped massage space requires some planning and consideration to ensure you have a relaxing and professional workplace. Here are some key considerations and answers to frequently asked questions:

Can I simply start a massage studio at home?

In many cases, you can certainly start a home-based massage studio in our summer houses. It allows you to create a personal and intimate atmosphere for your clients. However, before you start, it is important to check your local government’s rules and regulations.

Some municipalities may have specific requirements regarding the use of part of your home for business purposes. In addition, you should consider how to ensure the privacy and comfort of your customers.

Do I need a permit for a massage studio at home?

Whether you need a licence for a home massage studio depends on your location and the nature of the activities. Permits and licences needed for a home-based massage studio may vary by municipality. Check with your local authority what permits and licences you need to start a home studio.

This may include:

  • Business licence: This may be a general licence needed to operate a home-based business, including a massage studio.
  • Environmental permit: Depending on local regulations, an environmental permit may be needed to use the garden house as a studio.
  • Fire safety permit: If your home-based massage studio needs to meet certain fire safety requirements, a specific permit may be required.

What is the price of a garden house as a massage studio?

The costs of setting up a home-based massage studio can vary depending on various factors, such as the size of the studio, the design, the quality of materials, and additional features. You can choose to begin with a limited budget.

Generally, prices for a home-based studio range from 2000,- to 18000,- pounds or more. The lowest price often offers a simpler design with standard materials, while the highest price may be associated with larger dimensions, high-quality materials, and possibly additional options.

For inquiries about pricing, we recommend you to contact our local advisors. They can provide you with free expert advice on finding the perfect garden house that fits with your budget.