Pedicure Practice

Discover the perfect solution for your pedicure practice with our summerhouse! Our high-quality construction provides a serene and professional environment for your clients. With enough space for all your supplies and a soothing ambiance, you can take your practice to the next level.

Our summerhouses are designed with attention to detail and durability, so you can enjoy years of worry-free service. Create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for your clients while enjoying the beauty of your own garden. Invest in your success and discover the possibilities of our garden house for your pedicure practice!

Pedicure Practice

Advantages of a home-based pedicure practice

A home based pedicure practice makes nail care easier and offers aspiring nail designers numerous benefits. Working in a familiar environment, you have the flexibility to arrange your working hours and serve your clients on your terms. 

Opting for a practical home setup is a quick and effortless way to kickstart your business. Our ready-to-use studios take care of the kit, insulation, flooring, and construction, leaving you responsible for electricity, water installations, and furnishings.

Can the studio be delivered ready to use? 

Absolutely! You can set up a ready-to-use studio for your home-based pedicure practice. Choose a pre-designed garden shed or customize a standard one to your liking, adjusting size, window and door arrangement, and color to meet your preferences.

Advantages of a ready-to-use pedicure practice 

A ready-to-use studio for manicures or pedicures at home not only saves time, but also money. Building or renovating your own studio can be very costly and requires a lot of time and planning.  

With a ready-to-use studio, you can get started right away and focus on the essentials: taking care of your clients’ nails and providing excellent customer service. This is particularly beneficial if you want to get into the nail care business quickly.  

Consequently, the ability to customise your studio allows you to add  a distinctive touch and create the perfect environment to do pedicures at home. 

What should you look out for in a garden building? 

Ensure the chosen garden shed is of high quality, with Lugarde offering unmatched standards. Well-insulated for year-round comfort, these sheds are designed to meet the specific needs of a business practice, providing ample space and privacy features for home pedicure treatments.

Furthermore these garden houses are specially designed to meet the needs of a business practice, with the necessary space for a comfortable equipment and privacy features to ensure patient privacy during treatments.

Lugarde’s garden sheds, specially designed as pedicure practices, are fully insulated with floor, wall and roof insulation to ensure comfortable use all year round.

How expensive is a pedicure studio at home? 

Altogether the cost of setting up a manicure studio at home can vary depending on the scope and quality of the equipment. A ready-to-use garden shed can cost several thousand euros.

The purchase of nail tables and chairs can also be cost-intensive. High quality furniture is important to attract customers and make them feel comfortable. Get a quote for your favourite summerhouse by contacting our dealer nework.

Additionally building a successful career in nail care is within reach with a home-based pedicure practice. Eliminate the  cost of a rented studio, and with proper planning, equipment, and a solid marketing strategy, you can establish a thriving business while enjoying the benefits of working from home.

Contact our dealer network for a quote on your favourite summerhouse and kickstart your journey today.