Photo studio

Turn your summer house into a professional photography or film studio.  Our summer houses are made of sustainable wood from the north that absorbs sound and reduces external noise, ideal for professional sound recording. In addition, the windows and doors with the use of seals ensure a low-noise environment.  Your equipment can be stored safely thanks to our 3-point lock on the door. The windows and doors are double glazed and can be fully customised to optimise natural daylight.

We have taken into account the layout of the room so you can provide it with a recording corner, storage space and possibly a guest toilet See the floor plan. Are you looking for something different? Configure your studio entirely according to your specific needs and size requirements via our 3D configurator.

Photo studio

What should a photography studio meet?

With a well-designed home-based photo studio, you can turn your passion for photography into a successful business. However, there are a few key considerations to make your summer house a functional and inspiring photo studio.

It all starts with the layout of your photo studio. Ensure there is enough space to move around and create different setups for various photo sessions. Consider using a spacious worktable to keep your camera equipment and other essentials organised. 

Lighting is a crucial factor for successful photography. Invest in lighting such as spotlights and wall fixtures in your home-based photo studio; these give you complete control over the light and help you create the desired atmosphere for your photos. Natural daylight in the photo studio is also valuable, so make sure you have enough windows to let in light and darken them when needed. 

Summer houses from Lugarde are safely built and comply with European building regulations. All our doors are fitted with a three-point locking system so that you can securely store your photography equipment. 

How do I decide on the right size for a photo studio?

The ideal size of your photo studio can vary depending on your needs and the space available in your garden. There is no fixed size that is suitable for everyone, but generally, photo studio garden houses are sized between 10-25 square metres.

It is important to consider the size of your garden house carefully before setting it up as a photo studio. Take into account your current needs as well as the potential for future expansion of your photography activities at home. 

A mini photo studio (approximately 10-15m2) 

A summer house used as a small photo studio is well-suited for taking professional product photographs for e-commerce websites, online stores, and marketing materials. It allows you to photograph products in a consistent and well-exposed manner.

For portrait photography, a mini photo studio also provides a controlled environment with diffused light, allowing you to capture beautiful and well-exposed portraits without having to depend on natural light or outside weather conditions. 

A standard-sized photo studio (approximately 15-20m2) 

A standard-sized photo studio offers more freedom of movement and space to create different setups and backgrounds. It is suitable for portrait photography, group shots, and medium-sized products. 

A large photo studio (approximately 20-25 m2) 

A large photo studio in your garden house offers plenty of space for extended photo shoots, larger backdrops, and setups for group shots or model photography.

It allows you to fit more equipment and accessories and provides a lot of space for creative experimentation. 

Do I need a licence for a home-based photo studio?

The permits and licences needed to start a home-based photo studio can vary by municipality. Check with your local government to determine what permits and licences you need to start a photo studio at home.

Is the photo studio ready-to-use? 

If you are looking for a ready-to-use summer house as a photography or film studio, there are garden houses that come with all the necessary features, making setting up your business quicker and easier.

They are typically designed to meet the needs of a photography or film studio, with the necessary space for photo sessions, storage options for your equipment, and windows to optimise natural light. 

Summer houses from Lugarde, specifically designed as photography or film studios, are fully insulated with floor, wall, and roof insulation for year-round use.