Yoga studio

Turn your summer house into a yoga studio, a place of inner peace and balance in your own garden. With our sliding or folding doors, you can enjoy natural light and open or close the room as you wish throughout the year. Our garden houses, specifically designed as yoga studios, are fully insulated with floor, wall and roof insulation, as well as an internal floor, so you can teach yoga comfortably all year round.

We have already considered the layout for some houses so you can fit the yoga studio with an open area, a cupboard for storing yoga materials and a guest toilet, see the floor plan below. Would you prefer a different layout? Configure your fitness studio entirely according to your needs and size requirements with our 3D configurator.

Yoga studio

Your own yoga studio at home

Creating a yoga studio in your own garden provides the opportunity to embrace inner peace and well-being while enjoying the benefits of yoga and meditation. Setting up a calming and functional space for yoga requires some planning and attention to detail. 

How much space do I need for yoga?

A professional yoga studio should have enough floor space to comfortably accommodate yoga mats for all your participants. If you want to start your own yoga studio, consider the size of the groups you want to host and make sure there is enough space for each mat, plus extra room for freedom of movement.

Ideally, you want to provide everyone with enough space to stretch out and perform exercises without disrupting each other’s space.

Having your own home-based yoga studio also requires space for equipment such as chairs, blocks, straps and other necessities for your classes. Ensure you have sufficient storage space to keep all these materials neat and organised, allowing to have easy access to what you need during yoga sessions.

Contact one of our dealers for expert advice on the size of the yoga space to ensure the yoga studio meets all the necessary specifications.

Is the yoga studio ready-to-use?

If you are looking for a ready-to-use yoga studio, there are log cabins that come with all the necessary facilities for a yoga space, making setting up your business faster and easier. These studios are typically designed to meet the needs of a home-based yoga studio, with the necessary space for individual or group yoga, sufficient storage space for all materials
and possibly a guest toilet.

Houses from Lugarde, specifically designed as yoga studios, are fully insulated with floor-, wall- and roof insulation for year-round use and are equipped with adequate ventilation and the right lighting for a healthy and comfortable yoga space at home.