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Summer house

Lugarde is the expert for your summer house. Since 1978 Lugarde has been producing top quality summer houses that offer excellent value for money. We have a wide range of wooden summer houses, log cabins, gazebos, pavilions, and carports to suit all budgets and requirements. 

Lugarde can work with your bespoke design, tastes, and requirements, so anything is possible. Choose from many different colors and sizes to match your style.

Summer house

Possibilities for your garden with a summer house

At Lugarde we offer a wide range of windows and doors for our summerhouses, garden cabins, wooden gazebos, and wooden garages. All of our windows and doors come with double glazing and three-point locks as standard. We are experts in creating bespoke summer houses, so we offer many windows and doors to give you the desired finish. Why not design your own small or large summer house for your garden?

Many people dream of having their own bar. This dream can come true with your very own summer house. Create your perfect design, give it a unique name, and create the perfect bar setting, add bar stools, hand pumps and more to create your very own local.

Your garden will become the meeting place for all your friends.

Garden houses made of the best-quality wood

Lugarde uses the best quality timber for its houses. The timber comes from the cold climates of Northern Europe and because of the low temperatures trees grow at a much slower rate. That means that the growth rings are closer together, resulting in our timber being more stable and durable.

All of our timber is kiln dried in specially designed drying rooms to approx. 14%-16% moisture content, as a result, wood shrinkage is significantly reduced. At Lugarde we also cut all wooden components ourselves to ensure that everything fits seamlessly together.

The corner connections of our wooden summer houses protect are suitably water and wind resistant. At Lugarde we have the most beautiful bespoke summer houses available, even with panel systems for summer houses.

Windows and doors

At Lugarde we offer a wide range of windows and doors for our summerhouses, garden cabins, wooden gazebos, and wooden garages. All of our windows and doors come with double glazing and three-point locks as standard.

We offer several types and styles of doors on our summer houses, including single, double, garage, sliding, and folding. All of our doors have adjustable hinges, and sprung door handles in chrome, and all corners are sealed with silicon.

All of our doors and windows are wind and waterproof due to the inclusion of draught-excluder strips, and our garage doors are supplied with a remote control. At Lugarde you can buy the most beautiful summerhouse with side sheds.

Use our 3D-configurator to create your unique summer house

Are you looking for a large garden house or a summer house with side shed? Anything is possible with our unique 3D-configurator!

Whether you choose a rectangular wooden summer house or a square wooden summer house, there are multiple ways to personalise it.

You can choose the walls, supports, roof, doors, windows, factory treatments and many other options to give you your perfect, bespoke summer house. There are many different sizes to choose from, one of them is summer house 14×10.

Discover our 3D-configurator and design your own summerhouse for your garden. Registration is free and there is no obligation to buy. 

Summer houses in the winter

Do you want to enjoy your outdoor garden in the winter too? Do you look forward to sitting under the canopy around a fire? Do you fancy enjoying the cosy surroundings with friends and family, with a delicious hot chocolate or mulled wine? At Lugarde you can buy the best summer house!

If so, it is important to insulate. At Lugarde we make sure your windows and doors are always double glazed, and with offer you the option to have your roof, walls and floor insulated. This way heat will not escape, keeping your summer house cosy and you could save on energy costs too. With an insulated summer house, you can enjoy all year round!

Summer houses in the summer

A summer house with veranda in your garden is perfect for the summertime. Do you want your own small lounge area where you can celebrate the summer evenings with your friends and family? Then set it up in your own contemporary summer house and design a house with Lugarde. 

A luxury house offers enough space for a lounge area, a TV, and a fridge to keep the drinks cold. Or you might prefer to enjoy a delicious barbecue under the canopy?

Are you looking for inspiration for your summer house? Contact one of our advisors free of charge and let yourself be inspired!

Frequently Asked Questions

Lugarde’s summer garden houses are made of wood from the northern countries where the climate is much cooler. This means that the trees grow a lot slower, which gives the wood a very strong structure and gives it a very good quality.

With our 3D-configurator you can easily create your own custom-made house. There are many options to choose from. This way you can create the perfect design. Are you looking for ideas? Take a look at the Lugarde website for inspiration.