How to build a summer house

Lugarde has a huge range of summer house designs, but how do you actually build your own summer house? After all it can can save you a lot of money. Building a summer house from scratch is a task that should not be underestimated, and there are a number of things you need to think of.

How to build a summer house


How to build a summer house on a budget – what you need to consider

Building a summer house all by yourself can, as mentioned, safe you a lot of money.  There are however some important things that you need to consider before starting with building.

To avoid trouble with the authorities and in some cases with your neighbors, before building a summer house in your garden you’ll need to find out whether you need planning permission. If you are about to build a summer house on your own property, have a look at the development plan for your property at your local planning office. The planning department will provide you with all the information you need. If the dimensions are kept within the regulations and the design meets certain criteria, you won’t need a planning permission.

What should I look out for?

An important point to look out for when you fit your own summer house is the type of wood used. When building a summer house, pine from northern countries is usually the best option. This softwood is of high quality and easy to work with. Additionally the doors, windows and roof must be made from good, strong wood. Ventilation is another important aspect, and one that is often forgotten when building a summer house. In addition, the insulation and the correct type of finish must be taken into account. Create a checklist before building a summer house, to ensure that it is built properly.

Movement of the wood

When building a summer house you need to consider how the timber will move. Wood expands as the humidity increases. This means that you need to give the wood a little space. Screws or nails can cause major problems, and should not be used when building a summer house. Lugarde products don’t use nails or screws, yet all of our summer houses are very stable and both wind- and water-tight. This means that this aspect is less relevant when you are building a summer house from Lugarde.

How to build summer house step by step

In this video we explain how to build a summer house from Lugarde. Below you will find the 22 steps that outline how to build your summer house yourself. In the example we use a summer house with a flat roof.  You can however find much more Videos here. This includes how to insulate a summer house. Your log cabin will be ready in no time at all.