Building a log cabin

Lugarde has a huge range of log cabin designs, but wouldn’t it be more fun to build a log cabin yourself? It can also save you a lot of money if you do everything yourself. However, building a log cabin from scratch is a task that should not be underestimated, and there are a number of things you need to keep in mind.

Building a log cabin

Rules for building a cabin

You can choose from a log cabin 10×10, log cabin 10×8 and more or you can build your own log cabin? In this article we will tell you some of the rules you need to bear in mind when building a cabin . To avoid trouble with the authorities and also with your neighbours, before building a log cabin in your garden you’ll need to find out whether you need planning permission. If you are building a log cabin on your own property, have a look at the development plan for your property at your local planning office.

The planning department will provide you with all the information you need. If the dimensions are kept within the regulations and the design meets certain criteria, you won’t need planning permission. Are you looking for log cabins to build yourself? Then you should take a look at the log cabin ideas from Lugarde!

Building a log cabin from wood: what should I look out for?

An important point to look out for when building a log cabin is the type of wood used. When building a log cabin, pine from northern countries is usually the best option. This softwood is of high quality and easy to work with. Additionally the doors, windows and roof must be made from good, strong wood. Ventilation is another important aspect, and one that is often forgotten when building a log cabin. In addition, the insulation and the correct type of finish must be taken into account.

Are you looking for log cabins to build yourself? Create a checklist before you build your own log cabin, to ensure that it is built properly. Do you want a free log cabin plan? At Lugarde you can ask for a free log cabin plan! 

Movement of the wood

Are you looking for a square log cabin or rectangular log cabin to build yourself? Then you need to consider the wood. When building a log cabin you need to consider how the timber will move. Wood expands as the humidity increases. This means that you need to give the wood a little space. Screws or nails can cause major problems, and should not be used when building a log cabin. Lugarde products don’t use nails or screws, yet all of our log cabins are very stable and both wind- and water-tight.

This means that this aspect is less relevant when you are building a log cabin from Lugarde.

Video: how to build a log cabin, step by step

In this video we explain how to build a cabin from Lugarde. Below you will find the 22 steps that outline how to build a log cabin yourself. In the example we use a log cabin with a flat roof. (You can find more videos here.) Your log cabin will be ready in no time at all. After watching this video you will know how to build a cabin. 



Step 1

Ensure that the foundation is flat and level before you start building your log cabin. Place all wall beams and foundation beams in the right place.

Step 2

Start building the cabin by sliding the corner clips onto the foundation beams.

Step 3

Check that the foundation beams are perpendicular.

Step 4

Start stacking the first wall beams. Pay close attention to the plan to see which wall beam should go where.

Step 5

Now stack the rest of the wall beams. Always keep an eye on the plan to check that the beams are in the correct positions.

Step 6

If present in your log cabin, position the wall beam that includes recesses for inserting other beams and then insert the required cross-members.

Step 7

Continue to stack all the parts according to the plan.

Step 8

Now slot in the roof joists. Pay close attention to which way they should slope. Attach the outermost one last (after inserting the overhang blocks).

Step 9

Attach the filler blocks next to and in between the joists.

Step 10

Measure the distance between the walls at the top and divide the number of edge blocks evenly over the two sides. Attach them with screws from the inside and mount the last two joists.

Step 11

Attach the roof boards, keeping them level with the front and sides.

Step 12

Cut off the excess part of the last roof board.

Step 13

Position the 44 x 44 mm beams and cut them to size.

Step 14

Attach the fascia boards. You can choose to butt them up against each other or you can mitre the corners.

Step 15

The final step when building a log cabin is to drill a hole for the Ø75 mm roof outlet (a little bigger is not a problem either).

Practical tips for after building a log cabin

  • Placing a layer of gravel around your log cabin will protect its underside from rainwater. This will keep the timber dry and mean that the log cabin lasts longer.
  • The door hooks should be installed immediately after the cabin is finished. The hooks stop the doors from suddenly blowing open, preventing the doors and glazing from being damaged by gusts of wind.
  • In order to protect your summerhouse from the sun, wind and rain, we advise that you treat it both inside and out immediately after its construction, or even before the different parts are assembled. We can supply pre-treated log cabins. Read more about our treatments here.
  • If you plan to install pipes or built-in furniture after building your log cabin, you must consider how the timber will move.

Tailor-made by Lugarde

Are you a creative person and already have your dream building in mind, but can’t or don’t want to build a log cabin yourself? Lugarde offers complete, tailor-made log cabins. Are you looking for a log cabin to build yourself? In our 3D Configurator you can creatively design your own construction.