Nail salon

Turn your summer house into your own nail studio, a place close to your home but separate from your private living space, for ultimate comfort and privacy. Our gardenhouses, specifically designed as nail studios, are fully insulated with floor, wall and roof insulation, have an internal floor and all windows and doors are double glazed so you can work comfortably in this workspace all year round.

We have already considered the layout of the room and included it with a guest toilet, a work desk and storage space, see the floor plan below. Would you prefer a different layout? Configure your nail studio entirely according to your needs and size requirements with our 3D configurator.

Nail salon

Home-based nail studio

Starting a home-based nail studio provides a great opportunity to pursue your passion for nail care in the comfortable environment of your own home. Setting up a manicure and pedicure salon requires careful planning and consideration of various aspects.

Here are some key considerations and answers to frequently asked questions.

How do I start my own nail studio? 

Running a home-based nail studio in your garden house can be a dream coming true. Before you begin, it is essential to obtain the right training and certificates. Ensure you are skilled in manicures, pedicures, and other nail treatments you intend to offer. 

Your garden house will be the core of your nail studio. Make sure it is clean, well-ventilated, and well-lit. Invest in high-quality manicure tables, comfortable (massage) chairs, and all the necessary equipment and products for a home-based nail studio. 

How much does a nail salon cost? 

The costs of setting up a nail studio in the form of a garden house can vary depending on various factors, such as the size of the studio, the design, the quality of materials, and additional features. You can always choose to start with a limited budget and work from there. 

Generally, prices for a home-based nail studios vary and depend on several factors.  The lowest price often offers a simpler design, while the highest price may be associated with larger dimensions and additional options, such as lighting. 

For inquiries about pricing, we recommend you contact our local advisors. They can provide you with free expert advice on finding the perfect garden house to start your own nail studio that fits within your budget. 

How much space do I need for a nail salon? 

The ideal size of a home-based nail studio depends on the number of clients you expect and your personal preference. For a compact and efficient nail studio, a space of approximately 10 to 15 square metres may be sufficient. This provides enough room for a manicure table, chairs, and storage for products and equipment. 

If you plan to serve more clients or offer additional services such as pedicures, a larger space of 20 to 30 square metres may be necessary. Ensure that the space is well-organised and comfortable for both you and your clients. 

Is the nail studio ready-to-use? 

If you are looking for a ready-to-use home-based nail studio, there are summer houses that come with all the necessary features for a nail salon, making setting up your business quicker and easier.

These studios are typically designed to meet the needs of a nail salon, with sufficient space for one or more worktables, shelves for displaying your products and enough space for all your necessary materials. 

Summer houses from Lugarde, specifically designed as nail studios, are fully insulated with floor, wall, and roof insulation so you can use them comfortably all year round. They are equipped with adequate ventilation and the right lighting for a healthy, functional, and comfortable workplace.